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The 311 Institute is a world renowned Innovation and Management Strategy consulting group with Academic and Enterprise Affiliates in the US, Europe and APJ. Our Associates and Alliance Partners help Fortune 500, Government, Entrepreneurs and Non Profit enterprises create new uncontested markets and realise higher value by building Accelerator Communities and Innovation Centers of Excellence, predicting and leading industry trends and innovating new routes to market.

Our Business Model and work practises are Customer Designed - we engage, listen and work to understand the strategic objectives, ambitions and expectations of all of our Associates, Customers and Partners and have replaced old oxymoronic business practises with modern Twenty First Century capabilities, principles and ethics that drive disruptive differentiation, drive long term sustainable value and give strength to the voice every individual.

We embrace the Twenty First Century's latest technological memes and have created new Crowd Resourcing Frameworks that enhance our global coverage, enable new lean economies of scale and help our Associates collaborate and work together in ways that enhance customer satisfaction and drive greater customer returns.

Today organisations of all shapes and sizes operate common fixed period Profit and Loss Business Models that are relics of the Nineteeth and Twentieth Centuries where value creation and customer satisfaction continue to give way to the dash for better share holder returns and increased margins. These models are heavily reliant on a variety different mechanisms to accrue, transform and dispose of resources and assets which all to often act as an anchor on growth and morale.

Chief Executives commonly proclaim that their employees are their most valuable asset while the world's leading Management Thinkers and Innovators decree that technology is more pivotal to an organisations ability to innovate and drive to higher value than ever before.

Given these statements you would have thought that by now business leaders would have found a balance between cost restructuring and growth but paradoxically we continue to see organisations subject these departments to the largest budget cuts.

At the 311 Institute we separate ourselves from other organisations by adopting a true People First philosophy. You can read more about our Human Capital Framework methodology on our Careers page.

    •  We are dedicated to every client's success
    •  We commit to support innovation that matters
    •  We act with trust and personal integrity in all of our relationships

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