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Over the course of the past decade the internet has transformed every corner of society but its disruptive capability is multiplied many times because of its power to enable new business models and it's this evolution that gives you the power to greatly improve your return on innovation.

Up until the 1970's many companies operated centralised business models where they ran their global empires from a single, dominant head office typically centered in the company's country of origin, then as we moved through the next three decades we began to see a decentralisation of authority. Companies began devolving key decisions to the regions. Then, at the turn of the century the internet began it's meteoric rise and as it's collaborative capabilities grew individuals and groups - crowds, began building huge peer to peer networks and trading and sharing ideas, opinions, goods and services directly with each other. The net result is that company's are no longer restricted to a narrow choice of innovation or funding strategies - society is open for business.

No single company's innovation or funding needs are ever the same and at the 311 Institute our experts work with companies to help them select the right combination of in house, private and public resources to expedite and enhance their initiatives.

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