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Sales and distribution strategies aren't as simple as they used to be and within just ten short years we have seen the rapid decline of traditional brick and mortar retail and the rapid rise of multi, then omni channel strategies.

The UK and European Consumer Electronics and Technology (CET) market place is complex and dynamic but the perception that it is a saturated market with little opportunity for manufacturers to grow their top line revenues has never been further from the truth. New and emerging technologies including Cloud Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Technology, Connected Home, Additive Manufacturing and the Internet of Things are increasingly helping entrepreneurial companies innovate new use cases, disrupt existing markets and create new mass markets. As a consequence over the next decade European CET spending is expected to swell from £137 Billion per annum to over £250 Billion presenting those companies who are prepared for it with an unrivalled growth opportunity.

Seeking out companies and technologies of interest from around the world we work with manufacturers to help them develop iconic products and services, discover and cultivate new Secondary and Tertiary mass markets - using our LoneStar Methodology and build out optimal European sales channels that help them become the dominant brands in their category. Meanwhile the integrity and strength of our first person relationships with all of Europe's major distributors and downstream retail, E-Commerce, DMR and VAR majors ensures and our deep insights into the intricacies of this vibrant continental market place allows us to scale new manufacturers into the market within a matter of weeks.

At the 311 Institute we stand between you and 260 million Europeans but fortunatley we, and our 21,000 strong partner network are on your side.

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