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Your organisations ability to predict, and then navigate the future is crucial to your continued prosperity and success but as we have seen in the past it is all too easy for even some of the world's most revered organisations to miss the signs of change - no matter how large, or obvious they may have been. Over the course of the past decade technological innovation within every industry sector has accelerated beyond all recognition and the pace is only increasing. Today it is harder than ever for companies and their executives to predict the opportunities, or threats that the explosion of new, sometimes seemingly divergent technologies could have on their business and if you can't predict it then it's not long before you run out of runway and find yourself disrupted by newer, more agile market entrants.

Of course, one of the best ways to predict and navigate a new trend is to create one then it's yours to fashion and mold at will. Creating trends is a skill but it's not one that's impossible to learn or embed into the culture of a company.

At the 311 Institute our Government clients require we maintain a one hundred year view of technology and it's cultural and societal impact and while it's true that at that distance we have to bend academic theories it helps us give our other clients a more rounded view of the world. Our global network of Associates work with researchers, academics, Entrepreneurs, Governments, investors, manufacturers and a broad combination of cross industry private and public sector experts to ensure that not only are our clients prepared for the future but that we have enough insights and time to help them shape then lead new trends.

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