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WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The emergence of hundreds of powerful exponential technologies is accelerating the rate of global cultural,…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Up until now it’s been thought it’d be impossible to take a photo of a…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As we age our memory capacity degrades, but his latest breakthrough turns the clock back…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As AI tools become better it’s getting easier for us to turn even the simplest…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Trying to create an artificial Sun on Earth is no mean feat, and scientists have…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Using AI to translate human languages is nothing new, but now we’re using the technology…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many scientists see de-extinction, as well as immortality and re-incarnation, as a mystery we simply…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Increasingly AI is being used as a tool to help democratise creativity and unlock people’s…

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As gene editing tools become more powerful scientists are starting to push the boundaries by…

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