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A Future for Everyone

A Future for Everyone

Inequality is rife and while everyone deserves a future today not everyone has one. Together we’re changing that narrative.

A World to Build a World

A World to Build a World

Our world is entering unprecedented times and it’s down to all of us to work together to build a world we’re proud to call home.

Future think tank & Future consultancy


FOUNDED IN 2006 by Matthew Griffin the 311 Institute is a UK based global Futures and Deep Futures advisory working with the world’s most respected brands, governments, institutions, and investors to help them explore, envision, build, and shape the future of global business, culture, and society.


OUR MISSION is to be a driving force to help solve the world’s greatest challenges, help organisations build sustainable and lasting legacies, and democratise access to the future so everyone everywhere, irrespective of their ability or background, can benefit from it.

We do this by surfacing essential future-focused insights and open sourcing our content, by amplifying inspiring stories and voices, and by bringing people together.


ASWELL AS the 311 Institute our group comprises of a number of alternative brands, all of which are designed to compliment one another and align with our core mission. They include:

WORLD FUTURES FORUM: Our philanthropic organisation working with the United Nations and other world leading institutions to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges including all 17 UN SDG.

XPOTENTIAL UNIVERSITY: Our philanthropic university working with academia, governments, and regulators to create and deliver accessible future focused curricula and educational content for business executives and students from around the world.

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