With Bloomberg We show people the impossible. We show them the Future and Deep Future, and help them navigate its complexity. We show them what happens when science fiction becomes science fact, and what happens when entrepreneurs are machines, not people, and we show them how to thrive in a world where disruption is the only constant. LET'S DO SOMETHING AMAZING ... FORECASTING CLIENTS THE
INVESTING IN THE FUTURE With hundreds of exponential technologies emerging the opportunity for global disruption has never been greater. We help companies put the future in focus. Read the Feature Client Stories We Can Solve Famine NOW Play Video

There are infinite possible futures, and with the right insights you can see them all

Let us research and explore the futures that matter most to you and your company

Quickly discover new disruptive opportunities and threats that are lurking just over the horizon

Quickly discover and assess the impact the future could have on your company


There’s no doubt that forecasting the future is challenging – the narrower the scope and the shorter the timeline the easier it is, and the broader the scope and the further out the timeline the more difficult it becomes and the fuzzier things get. The ability to envision both though can be advantageous, and in some cases, necessary, which is why we created a world class methodology that is able to programatically discover and assess an incredibly broad and deep range of insights from thousands of conventional and non-conventional sources.


There’s no doubt that forecasting the future is challenging, and the narrower the subject, and the shorter the timeline, the easier it becomes. Seeing broader and further though requires a more exhaustive methodology and deeper, different insights which is why we developed our world leading one from scratch.


Most companies perform horizon scanning but most of those initiatives are sector specific and have a narrow focus which means they often fail to see the bigger picture and miss key details that could make or break their companies and strategic visions.


In a world that is increasingly inter-connected changes in one industry can trigger chain reactions that have implications for a host of other, alternative industries, but as the factors accelerating disruption continue to grow in complexity and gather momentum trying to accurately forecast and assess these impacts is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s where we can help.

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