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Simultaneously innovate your core and build disruptive next gen products with our ExPLORER Innovation and Strategy Program

Learn how to use exponential technologies and thinking to disrupt competitors and industries


Traditional innovation accelerators are often siloed, and innovate along industry lines, but as the boundaries between industries erode it’s time for a new model, one that cuts horizontally across industries and helps organisations identify new opportunities across new markets and new sectors.


The world is a better place because, despite the high chance of failure, visionaries dare dream and take moonshots, us included, so when the XPrize Foundation asked us to mentor teams in their program we took the opportunity and ran with it with both hands. Moonshots are difficult, in every respect, but every company owes it to themselves and humanity to be attempting at least one.


As the global rate of disruption accelerates innovation is only part of the equation that companies need to excel at. After all, being able to identify valuable problems to solve and developing new leading or bleeding edge concepts that either sharpen your company’s existing product portfolio or help you develop your future superstars will amount to nothing if you don’t have the necessary skills to promote and push them into the market. As the process of innovation itself changes, with the arrival of Creative Machines which are capable of designing and innovating products millions of times faster than their human counterparts emerge, and as new technologies disrupt traditional go to market strategies we have re-invented innovation for the 21st Century and set it free.


The majority of companies have innovation programs but many of them are aimed at simply sharpening the companies existing core product portfolio rather than disrupting it and building the future, even as the rate of disruption around those companies accelerates and impacts their balance sheets. Developing your own disruptive new product concepts though needn’t be expensive or resource intensive and our X-Lab programs are designed to help you ideate, build and release next generation concepts in just a fraction of the time.

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