The rate of global innovation is accelerating, and so should your rate of innovation, so that’s why we’ve re-invented innovation.

Discover why disrupting a competitor, an industry, or even a country is simpler and faster than you think

Discover why innovation shouldn’t occur in silos and why more is better

Discover the secret to creating and building your own inspirational Moonshot programs

Discover how to combine exponential technologies and thinking to create next generation products



Disruption is the combination of powerful innovation and excellent execution, and it’s what we practise and preach day in and day out. Disrupting today is simpler than ever before and it can be mastered in under a day. That’s why we call it a sprint.


Traditional innovation accelerators are often siloed, and innovate along industry lines, but as the boundaries between industries erode it’s time for a new model, one that cuts horizontally across industries and helps organisations identify new opportunities across new markets and new sectors.


The world is a better place because, despite the high chance of failure, visionaries dare dream and take moonshots, us included, so when the XPrize Foundation asked us to mentor teams in their program we took the opportunity and ran with it with both hands. Moonshots are difficult, in every respect, but every company owes it to themselves and humanity to be attempting at least one.


Most organisations have innovation initiatives, but in a world where the pace of change is accelerating, many of them are struggling to keep up. Our X-Lab program helps organisations envision, ideate, build and release next generation products in a fraction of the time.

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