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Futurist Capabilities: Futurist Thinking

Called the “Advisor behind the Advisors” we’re the company all the world’s top 10 consulting firms turn to for futures advisory. It’s time to cut out the middlemen.

With hundreds of exponential technologies emerging the opportunity for global disruption has never been greater. We help companies put the future in focus.

The rate of disruption is accelerating so we re-invented innovation to help our clients build Exponential Enterprises.

Over the past decade visionary leaders have built companies that have tipped the established order on its head, we’re helping build the next generation.


When the inventiveness of human ingenuity has access to exponential technologies that are powerful enough to help express it and share it on the global stage amazing things happen, and the world is transformed.

In the past, for example, without an effective way to distribute and sell their ingenious products even the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs could only at best have hoped to have an impact within their local geography and at a speed that would bore most of today’s entrepreneurs to tears.

Fast forward to today though and that dynamic has changed significantly thanks to a slew of advances that have made it is easier than ever before for one person to impact the lives of billions of people in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Consequently, when we review some of today’s statistics it doesn’t take a genius to see that the pace of product adoption, and ergo any potential for disruption, is accelerating.

A scant hundred years or so ago it took over 75 years for over 50 million people to adopt the telephone, but fast forward to today and it took just over 19 days for the same number of people to adopt Pokemon Go.

Furthermore, when we consider that today it still takes human developers months and years to develop products before they are fit to hit the market, what impact would autonomous companies, powered by so called Creative Machines, machines that can design and innovate new hardware and software products in hours and days today, have on this dynamic?

If they like human entrepreneurs, using in their case a dearth of Big Data, can identify valuable problems to solve, and then autonomously create and manufacture the products, and build, operate, and scale autonomous enterprises, at what point do we see the time to disrupt industries fall to minutes, and the cycle of disruption accelerate exponentially?


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