Today the rate of change is faster than it ever has been, and it's accelerating. My mission as the CEO and founder of the 311 Institute is to democratise access to the future and deep future and ensure everyone, irrespective of ability, background, or geography, has the opportunity to reach their full potential and have an equal share of its benefits. CEO CORNER INNOVATION ON THE FRONT LINE: SEE HOW THE WORLD IS FIGHTING BACK JUMP TO OUR BLOG ADVISORY FORECASTING INNOVATION STRATEGY COVID-19 AGAINST THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC


The life of a futurist isn’t all coffee and crystal balls, it’s way cooler than that.


Inequality is rife within our society and while everyone deserves a future today not everyone has one. Together though we can change that narrative.



This website is your front row seat to the future. But not just any future – yours. It’s no secret that humanity is on the cusp of a new era, bought on by the development and adoption of increasingly powerful technologies, and it won’t be the first time, or the last time that we witness one.

In the past twenty years humanity has made more technological progress than we did in the previous five hundred, and in the next thirty years we will make more progress than we did in the previous twenty thousand, which is something that is a staggering feat by any measure. And all of tomorrow’s new industries, products and services, will have their foundations in the technologies we are developing today, and many of them will be as revolutionary as the discovery of agriculture, electricity and fire.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, in some areas at what seems like breakneck speed, our ability to track all the developments and their downstream implications will continue to become more challenging. And it’s this that’s driven me to create this Codex, a living book that I hope will become a single point of reference for people who want to see what the future holds for us all.

Today just under half of the world’s population is connected, and while that figure will continue to tick upwards over the next decade, for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to tap into its democratising power, technology is giving us all the ability to transform our lives, and the lives of everyone around us, in ways that very few people could imagine less than two generations ago, or fifty years. And if we have come this far in just fifty years, then just imagine what the next fifty holds.

Today is the slowest that we’ll move ever again, and while the future holds great promise, it’s important to remember that we are all just caretakers in time, and that each of us has the responsibility, and the power, to safeguard and improve not just our own lives, but everyone’s, and the generations that are yet to come.

Together we can change the world, and, as we create our legacy, the legacy of a better future for everyone, we owe it to each other to leave noone behind. My sincerest regards and best wishes to you all, and I hope you enjoy the read,

eXplore more,

Matthew Griffin.

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