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Connectivity, digitisation, and new technologies are accelerating the rate of global disruption and its impact on global business, culture, and society is increasing with every new cycle. Yesterdays innovation and strategy frameworks are showing their age so we’ve re-invented them for the Exponential Era.

WELCOME TO the 311 Institute’s first of a kind ExPLORER Framework, a disruptive innovation and strategy framework whose sole purpose is to help you transform your company into a future fit Exponential Enterprise that is prepared at every level to explore and lead the exponential future by discovering new disruptive opportunities, building new disruptive market leading products, and developing winning go to market strategies that tap into the new ways that the world does business.

Ask anyone of any background from anywhere on the planet whether or not they think the rate of change and disruption is faster now than it was ten years ago and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think that today the rate of change is faster than ever before.

Furthermore, ask them whether or not they think the rate of change will be even faster in another ten years time and, again, you’ll be very hard pressed to find anyone who thinks we’ll be moving either at the same rate we are today or slower.

Despite this rate of change though what many people don’t realise is that as the world becomes increasingly digitised and inter-connected, and as machines become increasingly creative and intelligent in their own right, the rate of change, and therefore the rate of disruption is not just going to accelerate it’s going to accelerate exponentially – so much so that even today we can see a point of time where it will be possible to disrupt entire global industries, from financial services to manufacturing, from energy to retail, and beyond in just a single day. And as improbable and as sci-fi like as that sounds I’ll show you how we achieve that in the following chapters.

Which then brings us to the conundrum of trying to remain relevant and establish leadership positions in this increasingly frantic fast paced world, and that’s what we’ll be addressing during this program.

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