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A World to Build a World

Everyone wants to live in a better, fairer world but none of us can build it alone.


I CONSIDER MYSELF very fortunate. Not only am I doing a job that I love, surrounded by great inspirational companies and people, but increasingly the work I and others are doing together are changing the world for the better – whether it’s the world of education where our vision of the future and deep future are now being used by the governments of G7 and G20 countries to help them re-invent their industrial age education systems, working with the world’s largest companies to help them envision then build the future, literally, or working with global asset managers to help the Fortune 500 lead by example and embrace fair and sustainable business practises that benefit their customers, employees, and the planet itself.

All that said though given today’s backdrops, of climate change, crime, famine, inequality, and many more, that you can read about in more detail in our Future World Series, there will always be work to be done and we are determined to be at the forefront of the conversations and debates that help push the tide of change in the right direction – a direction where the exponential future we envision benefits everyone equally, and where no one, irrespective of ability or background gets left behind. And we can’t do it without you all.

Today a day doesn’t seem to go by when someone is telling me that I have the coolest job in the world, but as anyone will tell you predicting the future and deep future is insanely difficult, plus it’s always shifting. Also, lest we forget what’s then often even more challenging than predicting the future is turning those predictions into reality and that’s where I tip my hats to all those unsung heroes of the future – the visionary entrepreneurs working 247 under mountains of debt, the inventors who have to pick themselves up again after every failure, the students for whom nothing seems impossible, and all the people who support and spur them on.

It takes a world to build a world, and it takes selfless people with unending amounts of passion and drive to build a world we all want to live in. So hats off to you all, and we’re all here to support you in your journey.

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