The Future of Education and Training 2020 to 2070


Education and the future are kindred spirits, both are adventures, filled with wonders and awe, but in order to prepare ourselves and our workforce for tomorrow education and training needs to evolve.

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It might sound controversial, but in my opinion education hasn’t always existed. When the first prokaryotes sprang into life in Earth’s primordial soup all those billions of years ago it’s easy to argue that they survived, reproduced and evolved by relying on their primal instincts alone. And nothing more.

Over time though as life evolved and became more complex these simple primal instincts were augmented by the development of more advanced social and communications competencies, giving rise to more purposeful and structured forms of knowledge transfer, and education, as we define and recognise it today, was born.

Education has always played a vital role in the development, evolution and ultimately in the survival of complex species, including our own, and now, as humanity moves into the next industrial revolution, many believe it needs to evolve again. In this report I explore the problems education is trying to solve, the challenges we face in the future, and make a first attempt at designing an education system that will prepare students for the future that lies ahead.

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