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The Future of Exponential Disruption

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The 311 Institute Future of Exponential Disruption Codex is your one stop guide to understanding how new exponential technologies and trends are accelerating the global rate of cultural, industrial, and societal disruption, and how you can use them to your advantage to build your own disruptive Exponential Enterprise.


The Future of Exponential Disruption Codex, part of the Codex of the Future Series by world renowned futurist and serial entrepreneur Matthew Griffin, provides leaders with one of a kind examples and insights into what's driving today's increasingly furious rate of cultural, industrial, and societal disruption, and reveals how we have already reached a tipping point that allows entrepreneurs and organisations to disrupt the status quo of global industries and institutions in just a single day.

Complimented by our How to Build Exponential Enterprises Codex it is considered essential reading for anyone interested in the Exponential Future, especially those working in legacy organisations and industries, who want to understand the new rules of business, and use these rules to their advantage.

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