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This E-Ink reader now comes in full colour


E-Ink displays are handy in all kinds of ways, from helping you create colour morphing cars to sneakers, and better E-Readers …


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E-Ink displays and textiles have been around for decades but recent developments have seen them gain the ability to display colour and they’re now starting to be used more widely to create everything from colour changing sneakers to colour changing cars which makes them  increasingly interesting  from both a market and future perspective.


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Around a year ago E-Ink company E Ink launched the critically claimed PocketBook InkPad Color E-Reader, and now they have launched a new generation that gives the color performance a boost, and is heading for larger devices.


The new display. Courtesy E-Ink.


Last year’s Kaleido Plus e-paper technology saw improvements made to the printing pattern in the color filter array for brighter colors compared to the previous version. The upgrade also allowed for bigger color e-reader displays, and one of the first to employ the tech was Switzerland’s PocketBook for its 7.8-inch InkPad Color.

For Kaleido 3, E Ink has combined the color filter array with its Carta black and white film and managed to increase color saturation by 30 percent compared to Kaleido Plus, making for a “more fully realized eBook shopping and reading experience.”


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The company has also included new front light technology called ComfortGaze, that lowers the blue light ratio reflected off the display surface by up to 60 percent and the blue light toxicity factor by 24 percent for the promise of after dark reading that’s easier on the eyes.

The new generation of Kaleido ePaper technology is reported responsive enough to play animations and videos and is being made available in various panel sizes up to 13.3-diagonal-inches, with the company pitching the bigger displays at outdoor digital signage applications which puts it on a collision course with other more expensive display technology.

The first e-readers utilizing Kaleido 3 will no doubt break cover shortly, but E Ink plans to first show off the technology at the Touch Taiwan expo being held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 27.

Source: E Ink

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