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In a world first LG’s latest stunning OLED display is also the speaker system


By embedding the speaker system into the display LG’s new display makes it easier to turn every surface into a speaker system.


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A while ago LG unveiled a new display that had the speaker system embedded into the display itself, then they showed off a rollable TV that actually was a “speaker” – until it unfurled. And now as part of its sizable presence at the K-Display 2022 expo this week the company revealed a 97-inch OLED TV panel that not only promises a brighter big screen viewing experience, but also uses the surface of the display as a huge sound system.


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The extra large panel making its Korean debut is built around OLED EX technology that LG Display announced last year, where the hydrogen elements in the OLEDs have been replaced with Deuterium, a stable isotope of hydrogen, and mixed with the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to boost screen brightness by up to 30 percent. The technology is already finding its way into Philips and LG models, but the television being presented at K-Display 2022 is pitched as the biggest OLED panel ever made.


The giant 97 inch OLED EX TV with literal built in sound. Courtesy: LG


In addition to delivering “realistic colors, fine details and the perfect black,” the expansive TV also boasts a new technology known as “Film CSO,” short for Cinematic Sound OLED, that essentially uses the display panel as a loudspeaker, and it’s a nifty breakthrough that one day could be embedded into all kinds of other flexible or even sci fi like atom thin display systems.

While Sony has been all over this kind of thing for years LG Display says that its iteration embeds a 5.1 channel sound system in the widescreen panel to create “a performance that offers a cinematic level of immersion.”


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Precisely how a vibrating flat panel can envelop listeners in the kind of surround sound experienced in movie theaters hasn’t been revealed at this point, but perhaps using some clever spatial audio magic, but being liberated from multiple speakers dotted around the home theater or living room is certainly something to look forward to.

Also on show at the Korea Display Industry Association’s biggest exhibition are the company’s latest transparent OLED panels, including an installation of 16 tiled screens that demonstrates the technologies potential for displaying digital artwork or commercial videos,  which will likely translate to advertisements in the real world.


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Other highlights include a huge glass wall designed to transform boardroom presentations, a 34 inch curved automotive display that’s said to be the largest of its kind, and a 17 inch foldable laptop. Product release schedules have not been revealed at this time.

Source: LG Display

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