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The world is changing faster than many of us can imagine, and in unimaginable ways – let’s explore.


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Firstly, thank you to Andy and Freddy for asking me to team up with them to create what we hope will be an exhilarating series of future focused podcasts where over the coming weeks and months we will literally be exploring the A to Z of the future and its implications for humanity and global culture. From the future of Artificial Intelligence to the future of  Zebra Burgers, that’s no joke by the way, we will leave no technology or topic unturned, and we hope you enjoy listening to them all!


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As regular readers of my blog will know today the rate of disruption is faster than ever before and it’s accelerating and widespread. And that’s before we discuss how tech giants like Facebook, as we saw with the unveiling of their Libra cryptocurrency last year, are now capable of disrupting global industries in just a day.

The future is complex, fast, and furious. And now it’s in your ears.


Episode 1 of 2


Episode 1 of 2


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