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It’s a monster, world’s largest wind turbine means business



  • The cost of renewable energy is beginning to fall as the technologies mature, now the world’s largest wind turbine wants to step out from solar power’s shadow


Wind energy is one of the most promising renewable energy resources in the world, right after solar which last year took the crown in 58 countries for being the cheapest form of energy, and now it’s about to get another boost thanks to a behemoth of a turbine built by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind that can generate enough electricity in 24 hours to power a home for two decades.


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I’ll take two!

The wind turbine in question is the V164-8.0Mw, which can generate a whopping 216,000 kWh of energy every 24 hours and if there were a thousand of them, out at sea for example like the farm that’s being built off the coast of New York, then they could support several thousand homes with the energy that they generate in a single day.

Standing at 220 meters (722 feet) in height, the V164 offshore wind turbine is the biggest in the world. Each of the propellers on the turbine is 80 meters (263 feet) in length and weighs about 38 tons. As a result, the total area that is covered by the wind turbine when spinning is larger than the famous London Eye in the UK.



As for what the existence of this monster means for renewable energy, it will have a considerable impact on the number of turbines needed in order to produce the level of power that any given region requires, and that could then lead to an increase in energy production and a reduction in the cost per KwH households have to pay so watch this space – or the coastline – and in the meantime I’m off to make some space in the garden.

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