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NBCUniversal expands shoppable video advertising platform to include PayPal


Companies are trying to find new ways to get you to buy things, and shoppable video is the hot new trend.


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Shoppable video, where the viewers can scan a QR code to interact with an item and add it to their shopping cart in one fell swoop all without ever leaving the video, is trying to become mainstream. And now the company with the most to gain from this emerging trend, NBCUniversal, has updated its One Platform ad offering to work with PayPal.


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NBCU has so far teamed up with more than 60 retail partners, ranging from footwear to home goods and everything in between. These retail partners, like Koio, Our Place and Paravel, are featured in the shoppable content directly on a NBC Universal brand platform. This move signifies the growing acknowledgement of the importance of shoppable video within an E-Commerce arena and NBC Universal say they’ve already seen a 30% higher conversion rate compared to the average industry benchmark with their shoppable campaigns.


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With the success of NBC sUniversal widely documented and the growing need for interactivity in the market, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other powerhouse broadcasters follow in their footsteps to integrate shoppable and interactive video into their own marketing and E-Commerce plans.


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I’ve already seen some amazing examples of the system on SyFy Wire and E! and can’t wait to see what is in store from Bravo, NBC Sports and Telemundo.

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