We are all impacted by trends – many of which are out of our control. Our annual trends codex lets you quickly explore them all and envision their impact on global culture, industry, and society.


RAVAGED BY climate change and geopolitical instability, the global pandemic, inequality, xenophobia, war, and rapid technological change, it would be all too easy to say that we live in unparalleled times. But that would be a fallacy because just a scant hundred or so years ago the people of the time were living through their own pandemic, their own wars, their own technological transformations, and staring down the barrel of all manner of other challenges.

Look at today’s world from another viewpoint and since those times the world has experienced its longest ever period of peace. Famine, illiteracy, and poverty are at their lowest levels since records began, and our quality of life and lifespans are the best they’ve ever been. And those are just some of the highlights.

Even though we all crave the safety and security of absolute certainty humanity has always lived in turbulent and uncertain times, and as much as uncertainty can be our foe, it’s also been responsible for helping us become who we are as a species. It’s forced us to adapt, to think outside of the box, to look at problems from different vantage points, and it’s helped give us the mental tool kit we need to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges on a near daily basis. 

The past and the future have always been strange bedfellows, then right in the middle of both of them, in the present, there’s us – trying to reconcile the certainty of the past that we know we can’t change with the uncertainty of the future that we can change. 

Today every one of us has more power to change the world than ever before, to build products and services that change the lives of billions of people and impact the planet for the better, but as the global rate of change accelerates we now face another challenge – the ability to ingest enough information and plan at speed. 

It is our mission to simplify the future, put it in your hands, and help you navigate and lead it so in this Codex we’re helping you with the former problem, that of getting the insights into the trends that matter most to you, then, armed with that knowledge the other codexes in the series will help you develop your plan and build and launch your vision.

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