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Humans always used to be the creators and machines the tool, but as a new breed of Creative Machines emerges in time they’ll become both the creator and the tool, and the implications will be nothing short of extraordinary.

TODAY, AS I lay out in more detail in my Future of Exponential Disruption codex, the companion guide to this codex, we are getting closer to the day when we’ll be able to realise global culture, industry, and society being disrupted in just a single day, and in part that vision is thanks to the emergence of a new breed of Creative Machines and exponential on demand manufacturing technologies that are already helping us tear up the increasingly antiquated innovation and business rule books.

While their mere existence might be a surprise to many Creative Machines that can design, innovate and then produce new digital content, as well as increasingly sophisticated physical and digital products, from cars and clothing to computer chips, drugs, and software, in real time are now on the ascendancy, and there’s no going back to the old status quo.

In an increasingly connected society, where the global rate of innovation is continually accelerating the fact shouldn’t be lost on you that we’re nearing a tipping point – a time when companies, individuals, and machines, either in isolation to one another or in harmony, are able to design, innovate, produce, market, and then sell new products and product concepts in an internet heartbeat, and all in an increasingly automated and autonomous way.

In this first of a kind Codex we’ll take a look at the exponential technologies that are already revolutionising how we create content and innovate products, and I’ll walk you through examples of how companies have already leveraged these amazing new tools to accelerate their own rates of innovation by millions fold – all of which will help bring about a new creative revolution unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

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