The rate of global disruption is accelerating, but the arrival of Creative Machines, and AI driven automated and autonomous companies and systems in an increasingly digital and connected world means we can now see a point in time where it will become possible to disrupt global industries in just a single day.

ASK ANYONE from any background from anywhere in the world whether they think the rate of disruption is faster now than it was a decade ago and you’ll be very hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think that today the rate of disruption is faster than ever before.

Furthermore, ask them whether or not they think the rate of disruption will be even faster in another decade’s time and again you’ll be very hard pressed to find anyone who thinks the rate will be the same or slower than it is today. In short, as fast as the rate of disruption is today, it’s still only going to get faster from here on in.

Despite this accelerating rate though what many people don’t realise is that as the world becomes increasingly digitised and connected, and as machines become increasingly creative and intelligent, the rate is not just going to accelerate it’s going to accelerate exponentially – so much so that we can see a point of time where it will be possible to disrupt entire global industries, from aerospace industry to  the transportation industry, in just a single day.

As improbable and as sci-fi like as that sounds in this codex, along with the other codices in the Codex of the Future Series, I’ll show you not just the exponential technologies we’re leveraging and using to achieve this rapid rate of disruption, but also what you can do to prepare yourselves and your companies for what lies ahead. So sit back, grab a pot of molecular coffee, and read on.

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