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Futurist Keynote, London: Building Disruptive Organisations, ClearVision



The world is going “Digital” and the majority of companies in today’s world are either already becoming software companies, or thinking about it, and DevOps is an increasingly important tool in today’s corporate arsenal.

Firstly, a big thank you to George the event organiser for inviting me to be the keynote, and for putting on such a spectacular event in such a spectacular location.

Sponsored by Atlassian, one of the world’s fastest growing enterprise software “Unicorns,” Clearvisions’ “BBQ in the Clouds 2016” event at London’s prestigious, and often surprising, Kensington Rooftop Gardens was awash with great barbecue food, cocktails and networking opportunities. And flamingos.


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Held over the course of a day the event – set against a cloudless azure sky under a burning summers sun in a garden fit for royalty, gentry and multi-nationals on a rooftop in London – was an exploration and conversation around the implications of the cloud and emerging technology on todays and tomorrows business strategies.


Left to right: Matt Gardiner, Gen Ashley and myself

With over 150 attendees from such a broad spectrum of industries and backgrounds, from central government departments including the Cabinet Office, HMRC and the Ministry of Justice through to industry giants including British Airways, Gartner, Google, King, News International, Puppet Labs, Rackspace, Sainsbury’s, Santander, Sky, Sony, UBS, Unilever, Vodafone and the Wellcome Trust the event was always going to provide attendees with plenty of new ideas to stoke the fires and discover new ways to help them differentiate their businesses and shake up the stats quo.



From discussions and presentations about how the cloud and emerging technologies, from AI and blockchain to augmented reality and VR, are changing the way we all work and collaborate with each other to the cloud and DevOps tools that multi nationals are using at the cutting edge of digital innovation and transformation the day didn’t disappoint.


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