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China’s GAC Group first to unveil an electric car with a 1,000km range


People with electric cars often talk about range anxiety, but this latest EV from China smashes it out the park.


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As the race to beat range anxiety and create range busting electric vehicles heats up GAC Group of China has just unveiled its latest electric vehicle that will launch under its Aion brand. The car in question is an SUV called the Aion LX Plus and it offers an impressive 1,008 kilometer range, or roughly 626 miles which is literally miles ahead of anything coming out of Europe or the US, and even smashes the Lucid Air EV’s impressive category busting 517 mile range.


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According to a CarScoops report, the news arrives from the China Light duty vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) institute. This upcoming electric SUV was just showcased during the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show and is an improved version of the GAC Aion LX that was announced back in 2019. Furthermore, the vehicle will now be placed among the smaller Aion V Plus SUV and even the Aion S Plus sedan.


1,00km range. Done. Courtesy: GAC Group


All that said though you have to remember to keep in mind that the CLTC is a different standard from Europe’s WLTP or he US’ EPA. Although, that said its operational range of over 1,000 kilometers is still a spectacular feat.

This holds even more true considering the vehicle’s an SUV. The car’s durable range is thanks to its massive battery pack, which has a capacity of 144.4 kWh in the top end model. This battery is made with GAC’s technology with elastic sheets that also makes it 20 percent smaller and 14 percent lighter than conventional ones. It even offers an energy density of 205Wh/kg.


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Talking about the vehicles’ other specs, the Aion LX Plus houses dual electric motors that produce 225 hp that is transmitted to all four wheels through a two speed gearbox. Through this, the LX Plus is capable of hitting 0 to 100 km/r in just an impressive 2.9 seconds as well. Unfortunately, this range is still not confirmed so take it with a pinch of salt for now, but nonetheless it’s a sure sign of the things to come.

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