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Futurist Keynote, UAE: Demystifying Blockchain, Crypto, NFT’s and the Metaverse


During this keynote session with the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Crown Prince Court keynote speaker Matthew Griffin demystifies blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and the Metaverse, explaining what they are, how they work, and the new opportunities they create.


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Firstly, thank you to Ria for giving me the opportunity to present to Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum and the UAE’s Crown Prince Court again, this time to discuss and demystify Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and the Metaverse – all of which play an integral role in the future of Web 3.0 which itself, in time, will transform and upend every corner of global business, culture, and society.


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During the one and a half hour session we debated and discussed the role of all these discrete technologies in the future, and where better to begin than with blockchain, a general purpose technology that underpins them all and magnifies their potential many times over.

First, we examined blockchain as a technology then dove into a host of cross sector use cases for it. Next, we dove into the world of cryptocurrencies to explore the differences between Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s), private crypto, and stable coins, and all of the different, and odd ways, that these “programmable” monetary systems can be used to monitor and stimulate global, local, and “glocal” economies at the granular level before shining a light on some of the new and traditionally odd monetary behaviours they enable such as the implications of users who burn their crypto to alter a currency’s value. All for starters.


Demystifying Web 3.0 Technologies, by Keynote Speaker Matthew Griffin


Next up it was time to discuss Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) and how they’re already helping augment and re-invent all manner of products, from NFT pets and the “GameFi” trend to NFT art, fashion, sneakers, and beyond, and all manner of different sectors especially when deployed alongside other Web 3.0 technologies which collectively are helping create a whole new global economic system.


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Then, last but definitely not least we discussed the next twenty years of the Metaverse, its transformative power, and of course its oddities.

All in a day’s work as they say. Until next time.

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