Futurist Keynote, USA: Proof we live in an amazing Sci-Fi world, The Mentor Project


Many people today don’t realise that we live in a world where science fiction is already literally science fact, so here’s the proof …


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Firstly, thank you to Deborah and Jen for inviting me to join The Mentor Project, a US based 501-C charity that brings together experts across a range of fields, from astronauts and neuroscientists, through to engineers and futurists, who believe in the value of mentorship and passing the torch of knowledge, information, innovation, culture, values and inspiration to the next generation of students all around the world. And it’s a cause that, as many of you already know, I fully support having founding two philanthropic organisations, the World Futures Forum and XPotential University, which aim to bring people together to help solve the world’s greatest challenges, eliminate and reduce inequality, and ensure that the future and all its benefits are shared equally and are accessible to everyone – irrespective of their abilities, background, or location.


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During the presentation, titled “Proof we are already living in an amazing Sci-Fi world,” I revealed our world’s parallel universe – one that so few of us see where science fact is already stranger than science fiction.


Watch the keynote in full


I showed the audience how today we’re already making the impossible possible with breakthrough after breakthrough, from the development of the world’s first molecular assemblers right through to the development of a new breed of Creative Machines that, one day, will exceed humanities flair for creativity and innovation, and much more … So, with all that said, I hope you enjoy the presentation, and as always drop me a line with your comments and don’t forget to join our awesome XPotential Community.

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