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Futurist Keynotes, Portugal: The Great Re-Invention and 5G The Next Generation, APDC


Many things were changing even before the pandemic, and alot more’s going to change after …


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Firstly, thanks to Isabel and the team at APDC for asking me to give not one but two keynotes at their Annual Digital Summit in Portugal, which because of the pandemic, was yet again run virtually.


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As the global pandemic continues to rage around the world with more variants of concern emerging almost weekly it was my privilege to present The Great Re-Invention, and then, just as the Portuguese government closed their 5G auction it was my privilege again to present 5G: The Next Generation before attending a fireside chat with Pedro Faustino, CEO of Axians, along with various esteemed members of the audience where we explored the future in even greater detail.


See the keynote in full


While the theme of the first keynote was all about life post Covid-19 and the desire for re-invention I firstly felt that it was only right to highlight the weight we’ve all been under during this past year and the importance of taking time out as individuals to process what’s happened and concentrate on re-gaining our own wellbeing.


See the keynote in full


After all, as we face the challenge of “Building Back Better,” as well as “The Great Reset,” “The New Normal,” and “The Recovery” – depending which government or organisation you pay attention to – ensuring that we are as well in ourselves as we can be under the circumstances is going to be of paramount importance if we’re going to come back fighting and support one another in the difficult days ahead.


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Then, addressing a more practical note today disruption is omni-present and during my keynote I highlighted the key threats and opportunities facing individual. Then, as the first  session closed out I looked forwards again to 5G and dived into what this paradigm leap in technological capability will mean for businesses, customers, and society at large. I hope you enjoy the shows!

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