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Futurist Podcast: The Future of Leadership, StratAstute


In the latest future podcast the world has problems, it’s also changing fast and both are creating problems and opportunities for leadership teams.


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Firstly, thanks to Roshni the CEO of StratAstute, a risk consulting agency based in South Africa, for asking me to join her on a podcast to discuss the future of leadership, risk, and sustainability in a VUCA world that’s changing faster today than at any other point in human history – with all the challenges and opportunities that brings.


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During the podcast we focused most of our time on the new skills leaders need to navigate and prosper in this “new” VUCA world, ESG and sustainable business practices, and then discussed how companies can harness ethical capitalism and other trends to build a fairer more equitable society that allows us all and our planet to benefit from the future we’re creating today.


Get ready to lead!


Today the world faces all manner of innumerable challenges. Some, like climate change, hunger, inequality, and poverty are great, and others seem smaller by comparison, but while the global news networks promote the worst of society it’s important to realise that the solutions to almost all these problems are already in our grasp and deployable today.


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It’s these solutions and topics that we discussed and highlighted in depth in our attempt to amplify the positive news and put the bad news where it belongs – in the shade.

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Source: StratAstute

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