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LG unveils their giant rollable 65 inch and 88 inch Crystal Sound OLED TV’s



Display and sound technology are starting to progress, and the fixed formats we’re used to are going to one day be replaced by more flexible, integrated systems.


Last year Samsung showed off their new 11k display with naked eye 3D effect, and Panasonic showed off their invisible TV. Meanwhile, four years ago, LG showed off a futuristic 18 inch OLED display that could be bent and rolled up just like a newspaper, and now, in what feels like just a blink of an eye, they’ve rocked up at CES 2018 with a giant 65 inch 4k UHD rollable monster that lights up every pixel that allows them to get rid off the backlighting technology, and they’ve been showing off the world first to, well, anyone and everyone.


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As for why you’d want a rollable TV in the first place? Well, asides from being easier to transport it’s also more compact, and in today’s age where small is the new big, particularly when it comes to apartment designs that could be a nice selling point.


Whoa! Where Did It Go!?


In reality though they’ve more than likely shown it off firstly because they can, and secondly because they want to drive interest and in an age when companies, particularly smartphone companies are starting to fall over themselves to evaluate flexible displays for their next generation smartphones, well, being a little bit flashy probably doesn’t hurt.


Crystal Sound In A Screen


The company also showed off their latest Crystal Sound OLED tech that turns the screen itself into speakers, doing away with the need for separate speaker systems, and while you might not think that all this is too Earth shattering it does mean that one day soon we could start seeing flexible screens with speakers built right into the display, and if nothing else that could change how the majority of our modern entertainment and smart devices are built…

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