Featured Futurist: Change the Abstract, Sopra Steria


As the rate of disruption accelerates many companies around the world are struggling with how to master it, and now help’s on hand.


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Firstly, a big thank you to Ian, Sopra Steria’s UKI Managing Director for working with me and asking me to contribute to the company’s Change the Abstract, a thought paper that shines a light on how in today’s increasingly fast paced and disruptive world technology’s contribution is becoming more important than ever in helping companies adapt and prosper.


The White House just issued a Defcon scale for cyber attacks


New technologies are driving significant transformation in all industries. From aerospace and defence, to banking, automotive and retail, change is accelerating everywhere and it is not industry specific. Borders between individual industries are starting to dissolve. Whether it is about staying competitive by expanding into new industries or companies simply using their capabilities in new ways, industries are having to adapt quickly to new and disruptive influences.

The key is how you make this disruption work for you and your business. How can you be sure that you stay ahead of the curve? Whilst disruption is often seen as a threat, with the right mindset it should be an opportunity to be seized. You just need to understand how that change can have a positive effect on your business and how you might use it to drive the future. Some forward thinking companies have already started to transform and drive the future of their industries, but in many cases the desired results are not being realised.


Futurist in the press: Future of Insurance, Risk Management Solutions magazine


Others know they have to change, but aren’t sure how, or in which direction, and that’s what we explore in this paper.


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