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Futurist Keynote, London: The Future of Transportation with Hounslow CC


During this keynote session futurist Matthew Griffin discusses the future of transport and mobility, and shines a light on not just how we move goods, people, and services from A to Z, but also the impacts on infrastructure and how we fund this global transformation.


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Firstly, thank you to Jefferson, Assistant Director of Traffic and Transport at Hounslow County Council in the UK, for asking me to present the Future of Transportation 2030 to the council who then used the insights from it to inform the London borough’s future transport plans – an activity that’s especially pertinent in today’s environment as not only do members of the borough face some of the larges cost of living increases in recent memory, but also as the transportation sector itself faces wave after wave of disruptive shifts.


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As we look into the future everything’s changing. However, when it comes to the transportation sector it’s now no longer simply enough for governments to review future technologies and business models, they also have to take into account the impact new ways of working, climate change and rising sea levels, increasingly rapid urbanisation, and investment squeezes, will have on their plans.


The Future of Transportation 2030, rewind and replay


Suffice to say trying to plan the best route forwards against these backdrops is at best difficult. So, with that in mind I did a complete review of the sector.


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During my session I talked about the rise of new mobility business and operating models, vehicle designs and new ways to raise capital and funding for infrastructure projects, Web 3.0, the future of energy, and much more. An then we went on to an hour long Q and A session where we discussed the impact of autonomous vehicles and many of these changes on the borough’s residents, government innovation, the tokenisation of transportation assets, and a lot more. All in a days work! Happy viewing.

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