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Futurist Keynote Series: The Future of AI, Comms, DeepFakes, and Space!


The future of every industry is changing, and that in turn changes global culture, society, and how we live – in this series we look at the future of everything, from AI to Space!


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Firstly, thanks to Stelios the CEO at 1BusinessWorld, a New York based business and entrepreneurship community, for asking me to be the daily keynote at their week long Leaders of the World summit where entrepreneurs and investors from around the world came together to share their experiences and to network.


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My first keynote was on the Future of Artificial Intelligence, and I dove into the trends, myths, and technologies that are shaping its, and by association, our future. From ANI, AGI, and ASI, to AI’s made from DNA and even Quantum AI we covered a lot of ground. We also chatted through the impact of the Algorithmic Society, and shone a light on some of the lesser talked about topics such as Containment Algorithms, that could help us control AI’s behaviours, what happens when AI’s fight, and why 4 year olds are better than the world’s most advanced AI’s …


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My second keynote was on the Future of DeepFakes and Synthetic Media, and let me tell you we had everyone on there – celebrities, Presidents, you name it – we even had zombies. And everyone was invited back to mine for snacks by none other than Lionel Messi. Which then bought us neatly to the fact that these new kinds of media have their pros and cons – on the one hand they’re fun but on the other, as we saw with Ronaldo’s clip they could be easily manipulated to wipe billions off of the share prices of companies, and spread disinformation at staggering speed and scale. However, when it comes to AI being able to create the next blockbuster movie, as I mentioned, we’re about 15 years away from that – but every day we inch closer … enjoy the show!


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My third keynote was on the Future of Communications, and I dived into the trends, technologies, and use cases that will be the driving force that help revolutionise almost every corner of global culture, industry, and society. From 5G to 6G, from fiber backhauls to high altitude platforms and LEO satellites that will help connect the next 4 billion people we discussed it all – in twenty minutes.


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And then my fourth and final keynote of the week was on the Future of Space which, as the cost of launching payloads and rockets into space continues to plummet, means that we are finally getting to the point where space tourism as well as space hotels could soon become a viable commercial reality, and that’s before we discuss the plans that countries and billionaires alike have to manufacture products in space, and colonise everything from Mars and the Moon, to deep space and beyond …


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