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Futurist Keynote, Slovakia: Living in the Exponential Era, SlovakiaTech


The future is emerging faster and is more complex than many of us can imagine which is why during this keynote I de-mystify it.


Firstly, I’d like to thank Lucia and the team for inviting me to be the keynote for this years SlovakiaTech festival held in Bratislava where robots from ABB Robotics were creating and selling art for local charities alongside students from the local university who were showing off their various breakthroughs in brain machine interface technologies.


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Entitled Mastering the Exponential Future I took the audience, which consisted of everyone from government ministers through to local businessmen and women, on a journey of the future starting with the accelerating pace of change and how to understand and predict it, and then running through the various science fiction technologies that are now science fact before diving into how all of the breakthroughs we’re seeing today will disrupt and accelerate the pace of cultural, industrial, and societal change.


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Like many of the events I attend in Eastern Europe, with the last one being in Romania, the buzz and the enthusiasm was infectious, so it was only natural that afterwards we ended up having conversations about how we build the right cultures and ecosystems to help these communities thrive on the global stage.


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As I see as I travel the world it’s often not the enthusiasm to build a better future that’s the problem – it’s connecting people to the right communities and resources so we can help them realise their full potential, but fear not I have a plan so let’s just hope that that, like all of the science fiction technologies that are becoming science fact  becomes real too. Stay tuned, and now, as for me it’s  on to Cyprus and  Greece.

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