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Featured Futurist: When tech goes shopping, Kaspersky


What happens when your customers are robots? And automated? And autonomous? Let’s discuss …


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Firstly, thank you to Dan at Kaspersky for asking me to contribute to their thought leadership article on the future of retail, where we covered everything including E-Commerce and voice commerce, or V-Commerce, and the emergence of automated and autonomous bots and robots, as well as smart devices such as fridges, as customers.


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Yes, the future is a strange world, and not only are retailers are going to have increasingly adapt their go to market strategies to embrace digital customers that are literally nothing more than binary code, and which can all band together to create massive automated buying consortiums, but they’re also going to have to consider the security implications.

Afterall, what happens when your Smart Fridge, which has access to your digital wallet gets hacked and starts placing orders with a criminal group rather than Amazon? Should all transactions be biometrically approved, and what are the privacy implications? And just what are the best practises when it comes to debugging and securing these digital “black box” systems?


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In the article, which you can read below we cover these topics and more, and lift the lid on the important issues that retailers need to be discussing today.


You can read the final article below:



Source: Kaspersky

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