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Futurist Keynote, Monaco: Speed in the Age of Sci-Fi Startups, Bravura


We live in an age of sci-fi startups, and for the investment community the speed of change and the style of change presents huge opportunities and threats.


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Firstly, it was a great privilege to be asked to be this years Bravura Solutions keynote speaker at the annual Monaco Fund Forum event which this year, because of the global pandemic was a hybrid affair again which meant I delivered my keynote virtually.


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During my keynote, which was a short punchy affair, I highlighted how new technologies and paradigm shifts give investors the opportunity to refresh their portfolios and benefit from high return alternative investment strategies before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and depresses returns.


Speed in the Age of Sci-Fi startups, Keynote by Matthew Griffin


I also highlighted the accelerating rate of change, spoke about ESG investment strategies, and showed them how changes in one industry could bring about significant opportunities in another.


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Then, I changed tack and demonstrated how some of these same disruptive technologies, when combined with agile, flexible, scalable IT platforms, could benefit their own organisations by helping automate everything from contract negotiation to the customer experience, and accelerating the rate at which they enter and take advantage of some of these novel investment opportunities.

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