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Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of AI, Cyber, and Data with Bytes


In this keynote futurist Matthew Griffin explores the future of AI and Generative AI, investigates new cyber threats and trends, and rounds his session out with a look at the future of data.


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Firstly, thank you to Neil Murphy the CEO of Bytes, one of the UK’s largest value added technology resellers, for inviting me to be the keynote at their annual partner and supplier conference held at the Science Museum in London where my presentation focused on the trifecta of the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber, and Data – three major topics that are all intertwined and all of which are becoming more complex to see, understand, and manage as the days pass by.


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During my keynote we first dove into the future of AI. We explored what’s next for Generative AI and the LLM’s that have dominated this year’s news cycles, and then looked at what comes next – including so called Actionable AI, even more massive foundational AI models and the rise of specialised AI’s, as well as the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Super Intelligence.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Data, by Keynote Matthew Griffin


Next we dove into cyber and explored all of the latest emerging threats and threat vectors that companies are having to prepare themselves for including the rise of weaponised Robo-Hackers, the rise of self-evolving polymorphic malware, adversarial AI attacks, and the use of human psychology to jailbreak the latest LLMs, as well as the emergence of new malware that can brick hardware – a world first.


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Then, rounding everything out we explored what the future has in store for the future of data including generative and synthetic data, and dug into the myriad of new ways we can compromise these and other datasets to break and destroy even the most sophisticated  AI’s we use today. And all of that was just for starters …

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