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Futurist Keynote: The Future of Supply Chains and Trade, CWI


Futurist keynote speaker Matthew Griffin takes a dive into the  supply chain chaos we’re experiencing today and discusses the Future of Supply Chains and Trade and how we can prevent a repeat in the future.


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Firstly, thank you to Vishnu and the team at CWI for asking me to be the keynote at this years annual CWI Procurement and Supply Chain Summit held in Malaysia, where industry professionals from around the world came together to discuss the supply chain issues that have caused much of the world’s recovery post pandemic to stall, and to also look forwards to the future and the role that emerging technologies will play in helping build the supply chains of 2030, 2040, and beyond.


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During my session I looked at two areas – the future of supply chains and the future of trade, energy, and manufacturing, both of which are intertwined especially when it comes to helping the world develop resilient, sustainable supply chains in an increasingly complex and bi-polar world.


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From discussing trends including flattening supply chains and strategic dislocation, which is on the rise as countries such as China and the US continue to square off against one another, to discussing the first examples of quantum supply chains, shifting consumer behaviours, and new trade ratios I discussed it all.


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Then I topped it all off with the ultimate disruptive technology of them all – 3D printing and on demand manufacturing which have the potential to eliminate and collapse almost every kind of supply chain and shift the global balance of power.

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