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Futurist on the Radio: Can 3D printed houses solve the housing crisis? TodayFM


Today many countries face a housing crisis, but being able to 3D print buildings multiple times faster and cheaper than using legacy construction techniques could change that.


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Firstly, thank you to Eiman for arranging this morning’s interview with TodayFM hosts Dermot and Dave where we discussed what impact 3D printing houses will have on the UK’s housing crisis and legacy construction companies.

There’s no doubt that being able to 3D print houses up to 80 percent faster and cheaper than using traditional techniques is a game changer, and as the technology matures, and as regulators get their heads around it, it’s very difficult to see how it won’t become the future standard.


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Here’s the introduction to the show: Could you imagine seeing the beginnings of your home built in 24 hours? And at a much smaller cost? The future of house building could be here and it could be 3D printing.

With 3D built houses popping up in places like Dubai, France, Mexico, and the US, Dermot and Dave spoke to Matthew Griffin who has been following the increase of popularity in the new method of construction.


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Matthew revealed how it works, what’s holding other countries back from fully embracing it and what it will mean for shows like Grand Designs.

You can listen to the full interview below:



Source: TodayFM

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