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Watch: Daedulus is an insane, real life flying Iron Man suit



The world needs inventors, dreamers… and crazy people, but most of all we need an Iron Man suit so we can beat the rush hour traffic.


A new company called Gravity has unveiled of its first product – the Daedulus flight suit, and just in case you’re wondering what Daedulus is, well, it’s one man’s attempt to create his very own Iron Man suit.


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Adam Browning, the man behind the company – and inside the suit – claims that the Daedulus suit should be able to fly at speeds of up to several hundreds of miles per hour, although Browning hasn’t been able to find a large enough test flight area to get it going that fast just yet. But apparently that hasn’t stopped people from approaching him and asking him to make one for them – even if the price tag is a daunting $250,000. Add to that the fact that it also takes a huge amount of strength and stamina to fly the suit – something that even Browning, a trained triathlete, ultra-marathon runner and endurance canoeist struggles with and you’ve got something that pushes the boundaries in every way.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Browning’s now caught the interest of Red Bull who’ve made the following video about his antics… enjoy.



I don’t think he’s going to be competing with Elon Musk’s Mach 1.0 Hyperloop “train in a pod” anytime soon but good luck to him. I do, however, have one suggestion for him – don’t name your suit after a Greek legend who flew too close to the Sun and died, after all if that happens who’s going to make my suit when my $250,000 crowdfunding campaign smashes through its barrier!?

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