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Futurist Podcast: The Future of the Fitness Industry, Membr


In this future podcast Matthew Griffin explores the future of sports and gyms and examines the impact that new exponential technologies will have on them both.


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Firstly, thanks to Craig at Membr, the world’s largest gym focused software company that helps many of the gyms I’ve worked at and trained at, and thousands more, run, for asking me to join him on a podcast to discuss the future of health, wellness, and of course gyms – all topics that I know enough to be dangerous about because not only am I a health fanatic, but also because I am a fully certified FTA3 Personal Trainer. And not a lot of people know that …


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It’s also these experiences  – of being both a regular gym goer as well as a PT – that helped set the tone for the session because while I’ve seen lots of well run gyms I’ve also seen many more around the world that are an insult to the industry and their customers. And you know who you are.


The Future of Gyms and Fitness, by Futurist Speaker Matthew Griffin


Anyways, with health and wellness being the top of many people’s priorities after the pandemic, a time when over half the world’s population was in prolonged periods of lockdowns and couldn’t get out to exercise or socialise, gyms and their teams now have a more crucial role to play in helping society recuperate and rejuvenate than ever before.


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As a result we discussed all the top gym, health, and sports trends and technologies, from AI coaches and trainers to wearables that increasingly know you better than you know yourself as we head into the future of the Quantified Self, and all manner of other topics, so pull up a flat bench and a protein shake and enjoy the session.

I hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE my channel!

Source: Membr

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