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New technologies are disrupting every sector, and the superyacht industry is no exception, but today’s disruptions give the incumbents a new opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and change the industry’s narrative.


Firstly, it was a pleasure and an honour to be invited, for the second year in a row now, to be the keynote speaker at this year’s SuperYachtNews Future of Superyacht Design summit held at the beautiful Chelsea Harbour in London where brokers, operators and owners mingled with one another to discuss the latest innovations in superyacht design and sustainability. And, as you can see from the photos and post event article, we had plenty to discuss.


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Like any industry the superyacht industry isn’t immune from change or disruption, and just like every other sector it too can significantly benefit from the multitude of technology breakthroughs that are taking place all around them. As a result, and with both eyes firmly focused on sustainability, I walked the audience through the multitude of innovations that will transform the sector from top to bottom, and have significant implications for the superyachts entire lifecycle.



Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Creative Machines designing superyachts by themselves, or hand in hand with human designers, the emergence of new materials that allow us to customise the interior and exterior of superyachts in new ways and 3D print hulls and superstructures on demand, or the emergence of zero emission superyachts.


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During the presentation I also discussed the future of entertainment, and a world that could be dominated by holodecks, and not just quirky virtual reality worlds that you can navigate using just your mind, as well as how researchers are breaking down barriers to create the blackest games rooms using nanotech, and new types of flexible and transparent displays whose content can be streamed directly to the brains of the people watching it – or vice versa – personalised sound, smart avatars and assistants, with the emphasis on smart, and much more. And if there’s only one thing we know for sure it’s that everything is changing, and many of those changes are going to make many of the so called toys that the super rich buy today look lame by comparison.

And here is my follow up article for the event:


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