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Futurist Keynote, Sweden: The Future of Cyber for NetNordic


In this keynote session futurist and ex IBM Homeland security Chief Matthew Griffin lifts the hood on the serious organised crime industry and explores the future of cyber attacks and defense.


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Firstly, thank you to Helene and Goran at NetNordic, one of Europe’s fastest growing system integrators with 650 staff in 17 branches and revenues of over $200 Million, for asking me to be their keynote at this years NetNordic summit in Stockholm, Sweden. With a focus on the future of cyber security and a packed auditorium I dove into the latest cyber crime and organised crime statistics, then explored the latest emerging cyber threats, rounding the session off with an audience Q and A.


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Globally it’s been the case for a while now that the serious organised crime industry – and it is an industry – has been growing at a double digit growth rate for a while now, and it shows no signs of slowing. With over 5.5 Billion malware attacks and close to 500 Million ransomware attacks alone in 2022 we saw the number of attacks against organisations and individuals increase by a whopping 125% – and that’s before the cost of attacking people drops to zero and before new tools that democratise the creation of cyber exploits become widely available.


The Future of Cyber, with Keynote Matthew Griffin


With revenues exceeding an estimated $6 Trillion and cyber related revenues accounting for approximately $1.2 Trillion of that, and with an estimated global impact of over $8 Trillion on the global economy, noone can argue that “security” isn’t now a top of mind issue and that attackers are becoming bolder and more sophisticated. All of which means that this is one industry that’s going nowhere, which then means that the defenders have their work cut out for them in the years to come.


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During the session some of the emerging threats I covered included the rise of biometric spoofing, the cloning of peoples biometric data including their voices to extort and exfiltrate data and money from organisations, the rise of cookie stealing which bypasses 2FA and MFA, the importance of Zero Trust and perimeterless security, and how the latest Artificial Intelligences (AI) are both being weaponised and hacked using none other than human psychology. All of which is the tip of the cyber iceberg, and if you want to see and hear more then just play, pause, and rewind the session at your leisure.

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