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Futurist Virtual Keynote, Brazil: The Future of Customer Experience, LinkedIn


New sci-fi like technologies are changing the customer experience like never before, and there’s plenty still to come.


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Firstly, thank you to Andrea and Ana and the amazing team at LinkedIn for asking me to be their keynote to present on the Future of Customer Experience. To switch things up a bit, and because the pandemic meant we couldn’t meet face to face, everyone who participated was sent their very own coffee and Gin making kits beforehand so they could experience the spirit of the event at home. And the kits were a big hit!


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During the presentation I discussed the accelerating rate of global disruption and its effect on company strategies and buying behaviours. Then we switched gears and took a deeper dive into what all these changes mean for how companies collect and analyse customer data while at the same time ensuring customer privacy and security, before moving on to how they can use new technologies, such as Digital Humans, to re-imagine the customer experience.


See the virtual keynote in full


We also discussed the importance of culture and vision, as well as new disruptive innovation  frameworks that will help companies both defend themselves and go on the offensive against today’s increasingly powerful tech giants who, as we’re seeing all too regularly now, see every industry as fair game – irrespective of the size or reputation of those industries legacy incumbents.


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All in all it was a great virtual event, with great collaboration and camaraderie, and I look forwards to seeing everyone IRL sometime soon …

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