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Futurist Podcast: Ethical Capitalism and Saving the Planet, ASM


The world has lots of challenges but there are also lots of solutions and reasons to be optimistic about the future, we discuss them here.


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Firstly, thanks to Iain at ASM Technologies for asking me to participate in their weekly podcast series where they look at the future of different sectors and topics that include everything from government and retail to computing and cyber.


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As the global rate of change continues to accelerate exponentially, as more people are connected together and to increasingly powerful and transformative digital technologies, products, and services, it’s fair to say that we live in a world where only one thing is changing – everything.


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As a result during our session we talked about a whole host of different areas which included everything from the future of sustainable business and work, to the future of computing, cyber, and technology itself.


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Source: ASM Technologies

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