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Futurist Podcast: Future Utopia or Dystopia, ITSP


The world is changing faster than many people might imagine so consider this your weekly fast data dump of everything that you need to know about!


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Firstly, thank you to ITSP and the Mentor Project for asking me to participate in their weekly podcast series where we discussed the future of almost everything – from the future of food and transportation, to the future of democracy and society itself. And with so many things changing the only difficulty we had discussing it was trying to fit it all in – which is why we have more podcasts in the pipeline.


Listen to the podcast in full!


With the global rate of change continuing to accelerate exponentially, as we see more people connected to a greater variety of increasingly digital products and services, and the rise of not tens but hundreds of status quo busting exponential technologies, we truly live in an era where the only thing that is changing is everything.


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Join us on this adventure as we look at what technology already exists, what is good and bad about it, and why policies and politics will be what will make our future either a utopian or a dystopian one. We better all have a say on that…

You can listen to the original podcast by clicking the link below and don’t forget to like and  subscribe!

Source: ITSP

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