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Igloo Vision demos it’s spectacular AI generated infinite 360 degree worlds


Today designers create virtual worlds and games, but AI is already starting to take over and create worlds and games that are different for every user and that grow and change infinitely.


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One day Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to create its own procedural content and games that never ends, never repeats, and adapt according to the users behaviours and inputs. And now, in another step closer to that vision  Igloo Vision has demonstrated how to AI to create infinite, never ending, 360° panoramas within virtual worlds using nothing more than a text prompt.


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In a video posted on social media, head of marketing Laura Mills and business development executive Rebeccah Wade showed how this could be achieved with Skybox Lab software from Blockade Labs.


See it in action


Igloo Vision’s software team used the Blockade Labs API to include an easy-to-access button in Igloo’s ICE Control Panel app. This makes it possible to generate panoramas with the click of a button on a phone. Once generated, the Skybox experience will display in full 360° inside an Igloo immersive space.

“We’re huge Blockade Labs fans here at Igloo, and encourage you to get creative with Skybox Lab yourself,” said the update.


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To see how the AI panorama generation software works visit Skybox Lab and for details of how to implement it within an Igloo immersive space.

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