The 2017 Griffin Emerging Technology Starburst

The world around you is changing, and quicker than you might think. From new technologies that let us stream movies directly from people’s brains and nano sized “submersibles” that patrol our blood streams looking for the first signs of Cancer to the rise of interstellar space travel and new technologies that, one day, could make death a thing of the past. Slowly but surely the things that society once thought of as “Magic” are becoming the every day.


2017 Griffin Emerging Technology Radar: 170 Technologies Fuelling The Future


In my latest Radar, or Starburst as I like to call it, I’ve tried to bring 170 of these technologies to the surface so that you too can see the epic scale of the change – the challenges and the opportunities – that lie ahead for all of us, as businesses, individuals and society at large.

I hope you like it, and if you have any comments or critiques just drop them into the comments section below.

Peace and love,

Matt @mgriffin_uk

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