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Technology is a blank slate, but when it is combined with human or machine based creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship it is a tool that can help us transform the world, and as new powerful emerging technologies become increasingly affordable and democratised our ability to use them to disrupt and transform global business, culture, and society at speed accelerates.


WELCOME TO THE Griffin Emerging Technology Starburst 2023 Edition, which is part of our overall 311 Institute Emerging Technology Starburst Collection, and which is complimented by the companion 311 Institute Exponential Technology Codex which explores the future and deep future and all of the exponential technologies listed on our Starbursts in greater detail.

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a prosperous 2023 even though as the global COVID-19 pandemic recedes the world now faces new crises including increases in global geopolitical tensions, inflation, recession, and war.

Now in its eighth year, and building on the firm foundation of the previous 2017, 2018, 20192020, 2021, and 2022 Griffin Emerging Technology Starbursts this year’s 2023 Starburst is the culmination of years of ceaseless investigating, monitoring, and tracking the appearance and development of new emerging technologies from every corner of the globe, and I am now tracking close to 650 of them which is a staggering number when you think about the potential power and impact many of them could and will have on global business, culture, and society in the years and decades to come.

Looking back at 2022 there was an up tick in notable world firsts compared to 2021 which as the global pandemic fades wasn’t unexpected as investment and R&D flows started returning to pre pandemic norms. Therefore, as expected, I saw an increase in the number of new emerging technologies which were double the number spotted in 2021 with Biotech, Compute, Energy, Intelligence, and Materials seeing the largest gains. Furthermore, in 2023, with the global pandemic receding but against the backdrop of multiple global crises including geopolitical tensions, inflation, recession, and war, I expect to see R&D flows into niche non-military research falter and see increases in the number of Advanced Manufacturing, Biotech, Compute, Connectivity, and Materials breakthroughs.

In this year’s Starburst, which extends to 2075 and displays 167 of the world’s most promising emerging technologies, each with an addressable market value of at least $500 Billion spread across 13 categories, I have promoted 31 new emerging technologies that weren’t in last years’ edition.

While the Starbursts might look visually appealing they have a more practical purpose which is to help governments, individuals, and organisations alike envision and predict new disruptive threats to their countries, industries, and companies. And, furthermore, when used in conjunction with our How to Build Exponential Enterprises Codex and our first of a kind ExPLORER Innovation Framework, they can be used to help organisations accelerate the development of innovative new policies, products, and services.

By creating and publishing these Starbursts I also hope they help spark people’s imagination, and demonstrate to us all, young and old, rich and poor, that nothing is impossible. For example, this year alone, in a sea awash with sci-fi like breakthroughs, unexpected surprises, and all manner of newsworthy new concepts this is just a sliver of what I saw: 100% effective personalised cancer therapies, AI designing 40,000 new chemical weapons and simulating all known proteins, AI redistributing wealth in experiments better than politicians, AI generated content and Digital Humans starting to go mainstream, Chromosome Engineering accelerating biological evolution millions of years, the first decentralised social network launch, the first flexible ceramic, the first lab grown blood cells, the first Mechanical AI, the first stress measuring wearable, the first light based blood test, the first tunnel dug by autonomous swarm robots, the first telekinetic and telepathic materials, a Google staffer claim that their AI had become sentient, lawyers dropping NFTs to serve anonymous criminals, human mini-brains beating machine AI in tests, lab grown meat finally gaining FDA approval, military drone fleets taking shape in the Middle East, molecular computers breaking records, Russia becoming the first nation to use hypersonic weapons in wartime, self-assembling space structures acing tests, and Elon Musk’s Starlink achieving global network coverage…. and of course hundreds more.

It’s no understatement, therefore, to say that I look forwards to seeing what amazing new technology concepts will emerge in 2023.

Signing off for now in traditional fashion if I could give you one piece of advice from all my years of being a “futurist,” it would still be be forget what you know and get rid of your preconceptions of what’s possible, keep learning, and keep exploring. And if my Starbursts have left you wanting to learn more about our collective future and deep future then dive into the wormhole and explore this site and all its awesome content, most of which will push your thinking to the limits.

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