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All the world’s a game as they say, but for some the stakes are higher than others, and as we look into the future technology will be playing a much greater role in keeping us all fit, health, and sporty.

THROUGHOUT THE annals of time there have been very few human activities capable of overcoming even the most deeply entrenched societal and political divisions as effortlessly as sport so it’s little wonder that it holds a magical place in people’s hearts and minds, whether those people are amateur or professional sportsmen and women, or simply ardent on lookers and fans.

Sport’s reach is also so broad and so all encompassing that it’s impossible to talk about it as a singular topic in isolation to everything else. Furthermore, when you consider the fact that as we ourselves and the world around us continues to change at an increasingly furious rate all these changes ultimately allow us to re-write the rules of the game, every game, in ways we never previously imagined.

From the arrival of new, intelligent opponents that are nothing more than digital ether through to the transformation of the human condition and development of increasingly amorphous and smart arenas that span everything from neighbourhoods and the globe to the stars beyond sport has a bright and exciting future ahead of it.

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