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There are some people who say we already live in a simulation, and while we will never know for sure what we can be certain of is that in the future we could be.

IF I posed the idea that we were all living in a simulation in the fifteenth century then I might have been burned at the stake. If I’d posed the idea in the early nineteenth century then I’d have likely been labelled a crackpot, and if I’d posed the idea in the 1960’s I’d have been labelled a science fiction writer.

But if I posed the idea today, as a number of billionaire polymaths have recently, it would be discussed and debated by global audiences, and investigated by leading scientists. And that, right there, is a stark example of just how far we have come technologically and as a society in the comparative blink of an geological eye – insane and surreal sounding concepts are no longer as insane or surreal.

Irrespective of where you sit on the subject though today, right here and right now, I can show you the technologies that will make this a reality, albeit a simulated one, and furthermore as we race towards this future from a gaming perspective at least we’ll be able to use these same technologies to create the ultimate unlimited gaming environment, of course, that is provided we aren’t already in one,

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